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This service is provided without warranty. You suffer as all risk when using this service. We cannot take responsibility for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of this service.

This service allows access any site through web proxy site listed on our site. We are not responsible for any infomations or content that you created or transmit to these site.

These site maybe include some malware, virus or adult content. We will not responsible for any problem occur with your pc when using these site.


Proxy server lists, socks list

You may become a member to download our proxy lists, socks list with raw text format.

You must agree that you will not use any software or scripts to scrape process automate checking our proxies, socks proxy or web proxy. You can not use any tool or write any script to fetch proxies, socks from this site. We can block your ip for using our site if you violate



We can deleted, blocked, update your account infomation anytime. You must accept that you will not using any software or any form to create bulk accounts automatic on our site.

Some emails relate to our services or your account infomations may send without notice to your registration email.



We have all powers for add, modify or delete any information and interface changes, presentation, composition or function, content of this site includes any entry without prior notice.

We have the right to change the rules without prior notice. With continued use after amendment Gatherproxy, you implicitly agree to abide by the amended regulations.

While using proxy server lists, socks proxies, web proxy on our site, you can acess more blocked sites, hide your ip, improve speed access to a site or using them for some softwares. However, we do not guarantee the proxies list, socks list or web proxy list will be truly anonymous.

The country, city provides for each country only for reference purpose. We do not guarantee for those infomations are correct.

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