What is my ip address?




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What Is My IP Address?

IP Address is a unique address that the electronic devices currently use to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network using Internet protocol. Each IP address is unique in the same network.

Another definition: An IP Address of a computer joining networks for computers can transfer information to each other correctly, avoiding misplaced. P addresses can be considered the same as your home address for postal workers could correct for your mailman, not someone else.

Dynamic and Static IP when using the internet

The term "Static IP" is referred to as a fixed IP address dedicated to a person, or group of devices that users connect to their Internet always put an IP address. Normally static IP provides for a server with a particular purpose (web servers, mail ...) so that more people can access without interrupting the process.

In contrast with the Static IP, Dynamic IP: If you do not use the services particularly need a static IP address, the client usually only ISP assigned to different IP every time you connect. IPS give you a dynamic ip address to save IP address resources are exhausted now. When a computer is not connected to the Internet, the provider will use that IP to give a different user.

What is my ip address ? How can i check my ip address?

Have you ever wondered "What Is My IP Address?". On this page will gives you an overview for your ip address and physical address where you live. It also lets you check your anonymous level of proxy if you are using the proxy for your browser. Please note that your location shown here is taken from our database through your ip address that we identified. This ip address also called WAN IP.

How can i check my IP in a LAN?

1. Press Windows + R. Enter 'cmd' and go the comment line screen.

2. Type 'ipconfig /all' then press Enter. You will see your IP, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS Servers.


check lan ip address


What is the difference between WAN IP and LAN IP?

As mentioned above, the WAN IP is the IP Address that IPS has assigned for you. Its unique on the internet. The LAN IP Address is an address of your computer in a LAN network. This address also unique in this network and only computers and IP Address in this LAN understand your LAN IP.

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