Why is Gatherproxy?

Gatherproxy.com is a new website that launched in a short time. Gatherproxy is a new website set up in a short time. You may wonder why should be used this site because there are so many similar site available that provides proxies for free. First of all I want to tell you that gatherproxy are providing the best quality proxies. We update the latest proxy per second. We give users statistics about the percentage of live and dead times for each proxy that our system was checked daily. It's easy for you to find a proxy with the highest percentage uptime and the fastest speed. Of course there are many proxy sites do that now. But we are the only website providing a fresh proxy per second. We also allow users to download all proxies available on the site for free. This point exists on gatherproxy only.


Why should I become a member of gatherproxy?

We only allow our members download all proxies listed on the site. Just one click, you can become our member for free.


How can I configure to use proxy or sock for my browser?

It's easy to do that. Please follow by steps on this page: configure proxy settings


How can i access unblocked sites?

Some companies, schools or organizations blocked some websites that their members are not allowed to access them. You can select a proxy listed on our site for unblocked these site. If you do not want to configure your browser. (Because all website access via this browser will throught this proxy) you can consider for using our web proxy list. By using them, you may not install or configure anything. The website that you want to access will runs inside this website.


What is the proxy that i should use?

Each proxy on our site have specific parameters. Most of important are uptime rate, speed and last checked. We are recommed you select latest proxy with high uptime rate and speed.


You can see also some tips for access facebook blocked by school, ISP or your network provider. Please check here.

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